Dirtcraft Organics

Living Soils for conscious growers

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Small Batch Crafted

Our line of exceptional potting soils stands apart from conventional soil-less growing media. No gimmicks or secrets to our products. Just quality organic ingredients, 15-20% premium compost in every blend, high levels of readily available essential nutrients & minerals, and of course plenty of beneficial microbiology.

An Ecosystem in Every Bag

Unlike the chemically derived, inert growing media that are commonplace throughout the industry, our soils are alive with beneficial microorganisms derived from organic soil conditioners. This soil food web increases the bio-availability of nutrients and builds your plants resilience to help suppress plant disease.

Coco: the Renewable Peat Alternative

Our line of potting soils are all 100% peat-free.  Peat Moss is an unsustainable product that is derived from the strip-mining of environmentally sensitive wetland bogs.  Coco coir is a renewable plant byproduct derived from the husk of the coconut that performs exceptionally in a potting soil.

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