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A lightweight potting soil engineered for seed starting & growing vigorous transplants.  Featuring renewable alternatives to peat and perlite, Levitation provides the ideal balance of water retention and porosity for big root growth. This mix is chock full of organic fertilizers, essential minerals and natural soil conditioners. Chargrow Biogranules plant probiotic provide beneficial microorganisms and microbial foods for the ultimate biological boost. Levitation has everything your plants need for the initial weeks of plant growth or until roots fill the container. 


Ingredients:  Coco Fiber, Compost, Aged Forest Bark, Rice Hulls, Chargrow Biogranules, Diatomaceous Clay, Gypsum, Alfalfa Meal, Blood Meal, Bone Meal.

Available in *Levitation LITE




An all purpose, coco-based potting soil for indoor and outdoor container gardening.  Our original peat-free recipe, ideal for transplants, indoor potted plants, soil blocking, container growing and more. Our blend of natural soil conditioners and organic amendments provide a complete, living soil for your plants to thrive. An exceptional choice for high-end container grown horticulture crops. Formulated for superior water retention.


Ingredients:  Coco Fiber, Compost, Aged Forest Bark, Perlite, Diatomaceous Clay, Gypsum, Feather Meal, Bone Meal, Mycorrhiza.

Available in *Gravity LITE & Gravity HP       



A high porosity container mix formulated for perennials, herbs and woody plants. Optimized for drainage and air space, this mix is great for perennials, shrubs, herbs and woody plants. Lower levels of amendments provide just the essentials. Compost and inoculants guarantee a rich living soil food web to help your plants thrive. Coconut fiber content means this mix will hold moisture well during periods of drought!


Ingredients:  Aged Forest Bark, Compost, Coconut Fiber, Diatomaceous Clay, Calphos Rock Phosphate, Feather Meal, Mycorrhiza.      


Have a particular soil blend or ingredient you need mixed? We are setup to blend custom soils for growers with very low minimum orders. Give us a call to discuss!

*LITE Mix: Base recipe only. ie: no added fertilizers for growers who prefer to use their own fertilization plan.

*HP Mix: “High Porosity” blend with twice the amount of aeration (perlite) as our original mix.