"Dirtcraft’s Gravity HP has been one of our top competitors in Soil Wars. We are particularly impressed by the rapid and healthy vegetative growth immediately upon transplanting. We love knowing there is an organic soil with sustainably sourced ingredients available right here in the Southeast."

- Jeff of York River Cannabis & founder of Soil Wars

“As owner/operator of a native plant nursery and a commercial hemp company, I work diligently to source the best quality horticulture products available on the market today. I have had the pleasure of working with Dirtcraft Organics on creating a custom soil blend for our greenhouse hemp production. Meeting the rigorous qualifications to maintain our Organic Certification is no easy task, but with Dirtcraft Organics as part of our regimen we have been able to achieve great results. Their soil blend has provided us with marked improvement in our production yields and consistently high quality top flower.”

- Brad Martin, Green River Botanicals