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Living Soils & Amendments


Coming 2018

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Take the guesswork out of providing your plants with essential nutrients. We provide the right blend of amendments and minerals and the soil food web does the real work for your plants to thrive!


An Ecosystem in Every Bag

Unlike the chemically derived, inert growing media that are commonplace throughout the industry, our living soils feature microorganisms, beneficial bacteria and mycorrhiza. The use of naturally enriched soil conditioners such as organic compost and pure worm castings are alive with these living organisms.  This soil food web increases the bio-availability of nutrients and builds your plants resilience and help suppress plant disease.

Why Peat-Free?

Peat Moss is an unsustainable product widely used in the horticulture industry that is derived from the extraction of peat from environmentally sensitive wetlands.  Coco coir is a renewable plant byproduct derived from the husk of the coconut that performs exceptionally in a potting soil. Coir re-wets easily, retains moisture, and is resistant to compaction, providing more air space for bigger root growth.

The Soil Workshop

We are constantly putting our soils to the test in our own greenhouse trials. Follow us on Facebook to keep up the latest at the Dirtcraft HQ Farm.